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 On Scratch,you can program your own games,animations,media and more! The cost? It's free. I have an account on Scratch,but my username is Shiyoung,not Cedric. Clicking on the animation below will lead you to my profile on Scratch.


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I made a tablet

I made a tablet that runs Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome OS, the OS on Chromebooks). I made it using a 10.1" touchscreen display and a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. For portability, I bought a 12-volt battery pack and a battery monitor. I fit it into a small cardboard box, which looks like this:

Here are a few pictures:

I actually started with a Raspberry Pi 3B instead of the new Pi 4, but I decided to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 to help the tablet work faster.
That's all! Bye!