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Download WriteAgain

 To use it, you type in a text string. Then, you type in a number. After, that it writes your text on the screen repeating over and over again until it had repeated until the number of how much of the same text is equal to your number.

Download WriteAgain
System requirements: Python 2

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I made a tablet

I made a tablet that runs Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome OS, the OS on Chromebooks). I made it using a 10.1" touchscreen display and a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. For portability, I bought a 12-volt battery pack and a battery monitor. I fit it into a small cardboard box, which looks like this:

Here are a few pictures:

I actually started with a Raspberry Pi 3B instead of the new Pi 4, but I decided to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 to help the tablet work faster.
That's all! Bye!

In Germany Right Now!

I just got through customs. Waiting for Dad to rent a car. Just waiting with my dog. Yeah. But, don't get me wrong, I am excited! I went crazy when the plane landed.